419 - May the Fourth Be With You, The Rancor, and Did George Lucas Steal From Dune?!

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It's a Conspiracy!

Season 4, Episode 19! May the Fourth Be With You, The Rancor and Did George Lucas Steal From Dune?! It's a Conspiracy! is proud to be a part of the Albert Podcast Network: AlbertaPodcastNetwork.com Links: May the Fourth Be With You May the Fourth be with you: What is Star Wars Day? Eight holidays created by geeks, nerds, wonks and the counterculture grown since the 1970s Topher Grace Explains His 85-Minute Star Wars Edit Charlie Scream's Monster of the Week: The Rancor Book Of Boba Fett: Epic Facts About Rancor – Mighty Beast Of Star Wars Rancor Star Wars Fandom Star Wars Databank RANCOR CREATURE FEATURE: 6 THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT RANCORS Did George Lucas Steal From Dune?! EVERYTHING STAR WARS BORROWED FROM DUNE What Are We Drinking? Andrew is drinking Tropic Tundra from Polar Park Brewing Charlie is drinking Mad Chillin' Hazy Pale Ale from SYC Brewing Greg is drinking Fahr Alkoholfrei ---

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