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Happy World Music Day in advance folks!
The Music and musicians that we discover in college play a very special part in our lives. They help us in forming our worldviews, help us in bonding with others, help us understand our likes and dislikes, and stay with us for a long long time well after our college days. What is it about some of this music that resonates with us so deeply?
On this episode, Antariksh is joined by fellow IVM staffers - Deep and Vishnu, both avid musicians, to talk about the music they discovered in their college years that has stuck with them till today. They also talk about how they got into music and started playing the guitar, and recount some hilarious stories of kissing guitars and singing poorly on-stage.
Finally, the panel also shares some interesting recommendations for you to check out - Deep recommends the video game - 'It Takes Two', Vishnu recommends the Netflix show 'Disjointed', and Antariksh talks about the YouTube channel 'Corridor Crew' and their 'VFX Artists React' and 'Stuntmen React' series. Do tune in.

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