Quorum - The Gambler’s Tale: “All That Glitters,” Part 1 of 10

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July 2012. After dealing with Las Vegas mobsters and other ambitious criminal elements, former online poker pro Jimmy Harmon has returned to his old haunts in Los Angeles. Eager to rebuild both his life and his bankroll, Jimmy finds himself drawn back into intrigue as he ventures into the world of Hollywood high-stakes underground poker — meeting potential allies and adversaries along the way… as well as an unexpected individual from his past.

Rated AD-PG, so parental guidance is suggested

Contains gambling (if you consider poker gambling — but betting on horse races definitely falls into that category), drinking alcoholic beverages (quality Scotch, a Harvey Wallbanger, and as it turns out, a fair amount of rum), cigar smoking, a reference to illegal drug use, irresponsible pistol wielding, and multiple instances of semi-adult language (“ass” and “dumbass,” several uses of “damn,” “SOB” and “hell,” use of JC’s name in vain, “dicking,” and “crap”).

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