47.[✐4]Try to think positively[habitual]

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[V-jisho, V-naiようにします] make an effort to, try to [habitually]
“I try to think positively [habitually].”


Hello everyone. What do you do every day? And what do you try to do every day (habitually)?


I try to have a proper breakfast every day, but sometimes I only drink coffee because I have no time.

Repeat after me


1. I drink vegetable juice every day.

→ I try to drink vegetable juice every day.[habitually]

2. I jog every day.

→ I try to jog every day.[habitually]

3. I walk a lot every day.

→ I try to walk a lot every day.[habitually]

4. I don’t drink alcohol every day.

→ I try not to drink alcohol every day.[habitually]


Now, make a sentence as follows.

For example,

Whenever possible, sweet, not eat

→ Whenever possible, I try not to eat sweets.



1. whenever possible, Japanese, think

→Whenever possible, I try to think in Japanese.

2. whenever possible, not smoke

→ Whenever possible, I try not to smoke.
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