Show 137 - Music Musings

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At the beginning of Show 137, Stig continues to complain about the heat. Bill drinks a "yankee" Texas beer while Stig goes just a bit to the west. The segment ends with a discussion of "mound" ball.

Musical Break - Madonna "Music"

At 6:25, Bill and Stig start a discussion on a few recent music shows in the Houston area and the various venues they were held at. Groups and shows that are mentioned are Utopia, Fleet Foxes, the Peterson Brothers, Trombone Shorty, Childish Gambino, and Kendrick Lamar.

Musical Break - Kendrick Lamar "DNA"

At 19:16, Stig and Bill cover a little bit of Dynamo and Dash news.

Musical Break - Sly and the Family Stone "Dance to the Music"

At 22:53, Bill and Stig discuss the District Court news. Bill explains the nuances of the "Motor Voter Act". The guys then share what's new for the week for each of them. Bill makes a funny joke just as the music swells...

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