Show 141 - Protesting at City Hall

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Show 141 starts with a little wrinkle in the Copa de Dinero and some discussions about alcohol.

Musical Break - Billy Joe Shaver "Last Call for Alcohol"

At 4:33, Bill and Stig talk about the March to End Family Separation that occurred in downtown Houston.

Musical Break - Piñata Protest "Life on the Border"

At 14:03, Stig and Bill talk about the continuing World Cup as well as the Astros. Stig's lucky eight grade socks are also mentioned.

Musical Break - Tevin Campbell & Prince "Round and Round"

At 22:27, bus routes 56 and 66 are explained and Stig gives an eyewitness report on the Cloud Column. Also, Stig mentions the Natural Science Museums exhibit, "Death by Natural Causes". The guys wrap up the show telling what's new for them for the week.

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