Saturday, May 21, 2022 - ALLINALL, a GOODVIBE puzzle

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A (19A, Chic) MODISH Saturday crossword - after all it did have (29D, Luxury attire for white-tie events) OPERACAPES, and the allegedly official snack of the NYTimes crossword, (15A, It's always black and white), OREOCOOKIE, yum!
Beyond that, clues like 17A, Che Guevara, when he wrote "Motorcycle Diaries", MEDSTUDENT, and 1A, Rolls dough, perhaps?, CARPAYMENT, made for a fun solve.
It's Saturday, and as tradition dictates, time for the JAMCOTWA - Jean And Mike Crossword Of The Week Award. Who will it be? Saturday? Sunday? Monday? ... you get the idea. But to get the answer, you'll need to download and listen up!

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