143: Tamara Williamson

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“All it takes is one juicy betrayal”. The Break Up Diet

Musical and intense, funny and fun, at times difficult, like looking in a mirror can and regrets often are, no matter which side of the equation you're on in a breakup. The Break Up Diet was written and is performed by the artist FEIST called “an inspiration”.

She's my guest this time, this talented London England born and raised, Canadian alt-rock singer/songwriter, whose resume includes working on stage with Rheostatics, and King Cobb Steelie, and as Mrs. Torrance and CROW.

Her singing voice is subtle, calming, controlled and truly moving.

And if you're a sucker for a British accent, well.

@tamarawilliamson is the creator and performer of the one person 5 star stage production The Break Up Diet, and during covid lockdown, she also came with a new song every month for a year. Several performances of these songs, as she joins me live @wildwoodsblue plus studio recordings, and a live excerpt from her stage play, and our wide open conversation are yours to experience and enjoy,

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