Episode 10: Finding a Job with a Startup with Tarek Pertew

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As rewarding as finding the ideal career within a startup company can be, it takes motivation and drive to get the right job. How do you find a job at a company that may only have between five and 50 team members and no recruiting budget to speak of? Well, today’s guest is uniquely qualified to answer that question! Tarek Pertew is the Cofounder of Uncubed, a candidate engagement and recruiting platform. Earlier in his career, Tarek founded MyWorkster, a job fair platform for college alumni, and Referio, which is a referral hiring platform. He is also an advisor for his alma mater, the University of Virginia, and GoCoach, a coaching and upskill platform. In this episode, he shares his insights, experience, and advice with us, including sharing your passion, demonstrating patience as an entrepreneur, and doing your research, as well as showing how you can add value. Tune in today to find out more!
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