Episode 11: Getting into and out of Grad School with Dr. Jeanne Stanley

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In today’s episode of Job Search Strategies, we talk about getting into (and out of) grad school with Dr. Jeanne Stanley, the Executive Director of Grad School Coaching. She has worked with prospective graduate students for over three decades to help them successfully meet their academic goals, working with clients in selecting and applying for graduate programs, as well as supporting students who are currently attending grad school. Prior to founding Grad School Coaching, Dr. Stanley was the Director of two graduate programs at the University of Pennsylvania and has been on the National Advisory Board for accrediting graduate schools in counseling and clinical psychology. Since 1994, she has been on the graduate faculty at UPenn, and was awarded the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award from UPenn’s Graduate School of Education. As a national trainer, consultant, and licensed psychologist, she works with universities and colleges across the US and the result of her work, research, and services can be found in several professional journals and book chapters. She is uniquely qualified on today’s topic, so make sure to tune in to hear Dr. Stanley’s insight and practical advice for trusting your gut, staying organized during the application process, setting your personal statement apart and, most importantly, finding the best fit for you!
See www.tjfcareercoach.com/episodes for more details, speaker bios and resources mentioned in the episode.

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