Episode 17: TikTok and Video Resumes with Self Made Millennial Creator, Madeline Mann

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TikTok is conventionally associated with dance videos, challenges, and life hacks, but recently the platform has seen an uptick in video resumes. This new trend reflects a broader movement where employers and candidates alike are beginning to see the value in resumes that take a video format. Today’s guest is Madeline Mann, an HR and recruiting leader who has built an audience of over half a million people and is known for her award-winning job search YouTube channel, Self Made Millennial. Madeline joins us on the show today to take a deep dive into the nuances of video resumes. We begin by hearing about how Madeline got into the career advice space and the strategy she applied to find success while helping so many people through her YouTube channel. From there, we shift our conversation onto the subject of video resumes. Madeline makes some great arguments for their utility regarding recruitment and she shares top tips for building a video resume that stands out from the crowd. In this episode, we also talk about video resumes on TikTok specifically, how to put your best foot forward as far as brand building on social media, and a whole lot more!
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