Episode 19: How to find a job by the holidays with best-selling author and TEDx speaker, Raj Subrameyer

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Although from the outside, Raj Subrameyer appears to have it all, it was not an easy journey to get to where he is today. When he was 19, after painfully living in the shadows for his whole life, Raj had a breakthrough that changed his trajectory forever. Now, Raj is a tech career strategist, a bestselling author, and keynote speaker. He helps those in tech land their dream jobs to become leaders. In this episode, Raj walks us through his journey and shares the importance of attitude and mindset. He acknowledges that he has come this far through consistency and persistence. We talk about what he learned from his fruitless job search and how you can apply those lessons as well. Our conversation then moves to the job hunt, where Raj lays out seven things to do to help your land what you are looking for. Yes, the job market is competitive, but there are ways you can stand out. It is about having a spirit of continual learning and being open to opportunities. Raj's inspirational story is worth tuning in for!
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