Episode 4: Resumes - How to write one that will stand out from the crowd and demonstrate the value you will deliver

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The world of online job searches can seem daunting and overwhelming, and with thousands of resume templates at your disposal, it’s difficult to determine which is the best for your purposes. In today’s episode, I share my recruiting experience and years spent overhauling 1,000 + resumes, to outline a detailed breakdown of how to crack the resume code! Tuning in listeners will learn about the different layouts available to job applicants when constructing resumes and how best to utilize them. I provide a detailed breakdown of resume formatting, from font sizes to margin width, and explain why one size does not fit all. I also offer a range of general tips such as how to elevate your writing using specific language and phrasing, as well as how to employ a resume buffet method, enabling you to pick and choose the most relevant items based on the job to which you're applying.

Get an inside look at how to utilize the online tool Jobscan to optimize your resume’s keyword use and readability for any job. I share how my services have changed over the years and how I help clients today, including free resources below to get you started! During the final segment, I give an in-depth look at the process I have honed over the past 10 years and how you can apply that process to your job search.
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