Episode 5: Leveling Up in Your Career with Zachery Jones Esq.

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Here to share some great wisdom about the important moments that can define progress and success is Zachery Jones! Zachery is currently the Vice President of Labor Relations for United and has led a truly inspiring professional life. He talks about the choice he made about what he wanted to achieve by the age of 30 and how he maintained this focused mindset through the different stages he went through. Our guest underlines the importance of taking opportunities and the willingness to say yes to things that we encounter before we discuss the life-changing power of mentors, and why an open mind can serve you and your future so well. Zachery talks about some specific examples from his varied journey and shares a few surprising moments in which he learned something unexpected and impactful. Listeners can expect a conversation jam-packed with insider knowledge and authentically learned lessons, so make sure to join us for this great chat!
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