Episode 6: Making the Most of your University’s Career Center with Dr. Barbara Hewitt

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Career centers at universities are such powerful resources and it should never be underestimated just how much utility they can offer students. Here to talk about how you can maximize this potential in the early stages of your career explorations, is Dr. Barbara Hewitt, who is the Executive Director of Career Services at the University of Pennsylvania. We have an insightful and wide-ranging conversation, covering timeframes, interviews, preparation and so much more! Dr. Hewitt really breaks down each component of the process, starting with when to first approach a career center, what to do in preparation and the extent of the services. Our guest also shares some great tips for internships. One of the most powerful takeaways from this interview is Dr. Hewitt's emphasis on the help that alumni networks can supply, and after exploring the best ways for students to arrange the right kind of conversations, she reminds us of her central thesis about the job search: to be open to trying things and failing. For all this and more from a great wealth of knowledge, join us today!
This was recorded in Jan 2021. When Dr. Hewitt discusses timing for internships and says “about now,” she’s referring to mid-January.
See www.tjfcareercoach.com/episodes for more details, speaker bios and resources mentioned in the episode.

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