Episode 8: Do You Have This Essential Interview Skill?

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If you have a job interview lined up, congratulations! That means your resume is doing its job. You think you’ve done all the necessary prep work, but are you ready to knock it out of the park? In today’s episode of Job Search Strategies, I dive into the best ways to prepare for job interviews, whether you have a day to prepare or you sent in applications and you are still waiting to hear back. Tuning in, you’ll learn an array of techniques and strategies to approach your interviews and present the most professional version of yourself. I focus on the skill that is essential to interviewing success, as well as the purpose of the interview and recruiter insights, understanding what hiring committees are seeking, and how to prepare, including resources for your research. You’ll hear tips for interviewing success, including how to make a positive impression, the power of empathy in your interview prep, and how to tell stories in a compelling way, as well as some examples of typical interview questions and how to navigate the tougher ones. I also cover what happens when you don’t have a relevant example, some questions to ask the interviewer, video interviews, follow-ups, and additional resources, so make sure not to miss this practical and information-packed episode!
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