Episode 9: How Networking Can Help You Find a Job with Lauren Obersteadt & Sarah Whitney Anderson

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Effective networking plays a key role in not just our career success but our journey toward becoming more dynamic people. Because of the stakes involved in networking, this activity can be stressful, but today we have Lauren Obersteadt and Sarah Whitney Anderson join us to help us learn how to manage it while becoming more skillful too. Lauren is the Executive Director of Alumni Relations for Vanderbilt University and Sarah is an Assistant Director for Alumni Student Engagement. Our conversation explores a wide range of topics such as how to approach people more naturally for the first time in person and online, how to best present oneself in Zoom meetings, and how to feel less shy while navigating tricky interpersonal terrain. We also cover how to build meaningful connections as quickly as possible, the right amount of follow-up after a cold email, and how to reach out to mentors that you have been out of contact with for a long time. Both of our guests dish out a ton of actionable tips such as trying to view networking in ways that make it seem less intimidating by focusing on the many things beyond career success that lie on the other side of a new relationship. We also hear about the value of pushing past shyness by simply diving in and understanding that it is okay to make mistakes. For an action-packed conversation that will springboard your journey to becoming a masterful networker, tune in today!
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