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Jeremy was born in Kenosha Wisconsin where he was always cracking jokes at a young age. In school he was quickly labeled as a class clown but also still loved by his teachers. As Jeremy got older he began working in customer service and always had fun with his coworkers and jokes and pranks were always involved. In 2008, Jeremy, now living in Winona, Minnesota got married to Brittany Stinson. In 2010, Jeremy started to work with his father at Sauk City Specialty Products, which is now known at Kickass Snacks. His job primarily involved meeting up with current customers and providing product knowledge to the distributors. With his gift to gab, the job with his dad seemed to just come natural and the company began to grow rather quickly.
On September 11th, Jeremy posted his first ice fishing video and it went viral. After a few weeks of posting fishing and some jokes here and there, he took a trip to Talladega to watch his buddy win the truck races. On the way down, the guys were bored so Jeremy started telling "Littel Johnny" jokes and posted them on Tik Tok. They were an instant hit and went viral. The videos kept climbing and so did Jeremy's following. His Tik Tok grew to over 100,000 followers within the next week. Posting jokes and fishing videos were what Jeremy primarily posted along with some motivational videos. In January of 2020, Jeremy decided to make another page on Tik Tok where he would recreate the jokes from his current page. This page also grew very quickly and now He had 2 pages to post on sometimes up to 9 times a day. Once Covid hit hard in the spring of 2020, Kickass Snacks was hit hard as well losing close to 80% of the wholesale business. Jeremy had now reached 1 million followers and took to Tik Tok for the first time to discuss Kickass Snacks. His following on the platform rallied together and helped save the business with over 2500 orders in the course of 10 days.

Throughout the Summer and early fall months things were starting to slow down and he wasn't sure if he wanted to continue making videos but then something happened. Jeremy started to get messages and comments that his videos were changing people's lives. The laughter that they brought was helping them with their depression and days that nothing seemed to go right. It wasn't until Jeremy received on direct message on Instagram that he knew he had a real purpose to be on Tik Tok.

He was sent a message from someone stating that they were going to watch 5 videos that day and at the end of that, he was going to end his life. Jeremy's video was the last video that he saw and it made him laugh so hard that he knew his life was worth living. This is what kept Jeremy posting and his motto is, "Make at least one person smile today"

October of 2020 Jeremy decided to add his kids to the regimen of daily comedy on his backup page and it took off like a bat out of hell. His now backup page is become the main page and there was now a new way to hang out with the kids and have fun. Jeremy and his boys and sometimes daughter create jokes in the way of how "Little Johnny" would act and its what the people seem to love. He will continue to do this with his family until people start to lose interest.

Since the start of Tik Tok, Jeremy has since got involve in a multitude of other platforms where you can see all of his material. When asked where he sees himself in five years, he says he's just taking it one day at a time and riding the wave. As long as people are laughing and smiling and need someone to bring that little glimpse of happiness in their life, he's here to stay.

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