Life After Divorce: One Dad's Perspective on Healing Through Divorce

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We’ve been highlighting the importance of healing before you can create your best next chapter. Today I chat with Clint, a divorced dad who sought support, through both therapy and coaching. We discuss some fears and resistance men have around seeking support as well and the gifts and growth that it provides.

Our desire today is to encourage you, our male listeners, to push through your fear and away from society’s narrative that a ‘strong men’ should ‘tough it out’ and into the powerful experience of emotional healing.

Clint Powell is a divorced dad of two and a business owner. Once he realized that divorce was inevitable he immersed himself into coaching and therapy in order to start the healing process. He realized that healing was a journey that would benefit not only himself but his kids, the relationship with his ex and in all his relationships moving forward. Clint is also the host of ‘During the Break Podcast’ a mixture of sports, relationships, self improvement, politics and life in general...all discussed with a healthy dose of humor….you can find a link in our show notes.

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