JFD601: Himiko, The Astrologer, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity

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This week on JFD, the boys are left to their own devices to pick whatever they want and as expected, we end up with three very different but very unique cult flicks!

Up first, we dive deep into the surreal world of Japanese folklore with the colorful Himiko from 1974 about a three tribes at odds with one another, complicated by the arrival of a mysterious traveler.

Then, we get to see the once-thought-lost vanity project The Astrologer from 1975 about a fortune teller who uses his powers to travel the globe and build an empire.

And finally, one of the best titles and posters in 80's cult cinema, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity from 1987 stars Elizabeth Kaitan and Cindy Beal as a pair of scantily-clad space babes being hunted by a weirdo and his robots .

All this plus Sean's TV dies, Parker sees Red Rocket, Robert from Sweden drops some knowledge, the Foo Fighters horror movie, Ti West tries to mix porno and horror, Disney ruins Kevin's werewolf dreams and so much more.


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