195. Looks Like An Organized Massacre - The Slaughter Of Cyle VanKomen And Kevin Nelson

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By all accounts Cyle VanKomen was more than just a good kid. He was the kind of young man that drew others to him. Kind, friendly and generous to a fault, the 24 year-old lived with his older brother and several other young men in what was known as a “party house” in a quiet neighborhood in South Ogden Utah. Neither Cyle, his brother nor anyone else in the house had any known enemies or connection to any criminal activity. He and his roommates lived simply – none of them were wealthy or had much in the way of valuable belonging – least of all Cyle. So it defies belief that on the night of December 9, 2016 – when Cyle’s brother and another roommate left the house to buy some snacks to take with them to go bowling – that one of the most bizarre home invasions ever committed took place – leaving Cyle and his neighbor Kevin Nelson dead and a third remaining victim critically wounded. And it all happened in the span of ten minutes – the time it took for Cyle’s brother and his friend to walk to the store and back But it all gets weirder and worse. And that’s because the other murder victim – next door neighbor Kevin Nelson – who just happened to be the wrong place at the wrong time – had security cameras installed on the side of his house. And those cameras caught and recorded – for more than an hour before the assault – three masked, armed men surrounding the perimeter of the VanKomen house…peering in windows…jumping fences…running what looked like paramilitary drills. Ski masks cover their faces, but the body images of all three attackers – including one very tall man – are clearly visible in the video footage. So why hasn’t this case been solved? With Kevin Nelson’s security camera video now available for public viewing, is it really possible that no one can identify even one of the perpetrators of this horrific crime? Listen as Melissa details the known facts of this tragically unsolved case, and wonders aloud why some law enforcement agencies that continually ask the public for help don’t actually seem to want it even when it’s offered up on a silver platter…

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