Special Episode 01: Cross Culture

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1. Foreigners living in Niigata talk about what they recommend.
2. Lecture: Niigata Dialect
Today, we will interview foreigners who live in Niigata.
What is your recommendation in Niigata?
〓I think that Niigata’s favorite food is rice, isn’t it?
And fish, and I think that in general, food in Niigata is tasty and of course sake, very good, very tasty Niigata sake〓
Yes, rice and sake are famous in Niigata. Sake is made from rice.
〓Probably going to the beach〓, enjoying summer sekiya onsen〓 to see the sunset, Sado island
Sado island is a part of Niigata. We can see it on a sunny day〓
Furumachi is very interesting〓I know I think shopping is fun because there are lots of very small shops on the road, so it’s very interesting to see all of the different shops〓 〓
Men and women of all ages enjoy shopping there
〓Of course Niigata Albirex〓 Great team support, always, Albirex games have the most fans of all …. so, genki〓
Have you ever been to a game….
Albirex games? Of course〓 I even have an orange scarf〓
Albirex yeaaah〓 Next time, you’ll see our football team〓
Our town has delicious rice and Japanese alcohol, sake, beautiful natural scenery, and traditional shopping streets. And more, we have a great soccer team! And, we have one more message for you!
Why don’t you visit our town?

〓Thanks to : Isabella, John, Tina, Jeff〓

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