Sive Msolo - Thank You In Advance (Original86 Mix) (made with Spreaker) (made with Spreaker) (made with Spreaker) (made with Spreaker) (made (made with Spreaker)

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Thank You In Advance is Sive Msolo's way of appreciating the support people have shown. The EP's focus is on what has not happened or still to happen and the people's amazing support getting artists to the hights. The people's love for Deep House pays off when everybody starts appreciating this music we love... Sive has worked with very talented producers on this project so please enjoy. Download/Stream Links : Primary Artist : Sive Msolo Release/catalogue number: KNZ053 Release Date : 25 – 08 – 2015 Format : Digital EP Territory : Worldwide Released by : Kanzen Records 2015 Kanzen Records © Social Links : User link - Fan page - Twitter - Website - for more info contact us on +27746746382 #SiveMsolo #ThankYouInAdvance #EP #KNZ053 #KanzenRecords #DeepHouse #DeepTech #TechHouse #Tribal #TribalHouse #TribalMusic #House #SpiritualHouse #Deep #SouthAfricaHouseMusic #PretoriaHouseMusic #SouthAfricaDeepHouseMusic #SouthAfrica #iTunes #Traxsource #Beatport #JunoDownload #AmazonMusic #DiGGDeeP

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