022: Coach Chot Reyes, Coachcom Inc.

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Legendary Coach John Wooden said, "I may not be the best or brightest coach. But the one thing I do better than most is my ability to teach a group of individuals to work with ONE HEARTBEAT."

Coach Chot Reyes personifies this quote more than anyone as the man responsible for making "PUSO" the national battlecry during that legendary run as Head Coach of Gilas Pilipinas, leading the country to its first Basketball World Cup stint in 40 years back in 2014. After a storied 30-year career coaching and winning at every level of basketball, Coach Chot has transitioned to coaching and impacting executives and professionals in the corporate world. He brings with him not just his wealth of experience in sports but in his myriad corporate stints as well including as CEO of TV5.

Just spending an hour talking to him gave me so much insight and inspiration so I can just imagine how being coached by him extensively can bring someone's level of performance to new heights! You guys will definitely learn a lot from this episode!

If you're interested to learn more about Coach Chot's coaching programs, do check out his company Coachcom, Inc. and follow him on IG @coachot. You can also check out this upcoming workshop he runs called Future Fit by clicking on that link. And he also has a newly-launched podcast called #CoachCast that you're gonna want to check out too!

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