028: John Aguilar, The Final Pitch / Dragon's Nest

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We have a beast of an episode for you today with none other than John Aguilar, founder of the newly-launched venture builder Dragon's Nest and the creator and host of The Final Pitch, the country's leading show for entrepreneurs!

I first met John in 2019 when we both spoke at an event by Canon. And even though it was a brief chat backstage, I was struck by how insightful and generous he was with advice, that I just knew I had to have a longer sit-down with him. This episode certainly did not disappoint as John shared his life story and humble beginnings and how that helped shape his entrepreneurial drive and work ethic at an early age, leading to his many successes today. We talked about his early career, his production company Streetpark Productions which is behind the country's longest-running real estate show and of course The Final Pitch, and lastly his newest company Dragon's Nest where he hopes to create not one but several game-changing ventures.

There's a lot of wisdom to unpack in this episode so give it a good listen and make sure to let me know what you find the most interesting about the episode. Follow John on IG @johnsaguilar and @thefinalpitch and be sure to catch episodes of The Final Pitch on CNN Philippines too!

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