036: Marvin Germo, Stock Smarts

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Very excited to bring on the people's favorite stock trader and author of the Stock Smarts book series, Marvin Germo! This was an insightful conversation where I got to learn more about Marvin's journey from his corporate career to pursuing his passion for finance and stock trading. He truly cares about sharing his knowledge and educating more people about stock trading, and it's no surprise to see how many people follow him and his advice given how down-to-earth he is.

For anyone looking to monetize their passions or turn your side hustles into a real business that can support you and your family, you're really going to enjoy this episode (and the next guest too)! Thank you again to Marvin for your generosity in sharing your insights and story. Make sure to follow and tag him on IG @marvingermo to share your favorite parts of this episode. And check out www.marvingermo.com for more on his books and regular posts on the world of stocks.

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