041: Albert Ao, Project Mayo 7

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My next guest, Albert Ao, is not only a childhood friend, but is actually also a cousin of mine (our grandmas were sisters) so we spent a lot of time together growing up, whether in family gatherings and in school. Fun fact: we started off in the same school but he transferred early in grade school, but I later transferred to that other school for high school so that's where we got reunited.

Albert would go on to start Project Mayo 7 with our other childhood friend Joubert Tan. Along with our other friends Jackson Tan and Ken Yao, they've quickly established Project Mayo 7 as one of the country's top wedding suppliers for videos, pooling together their creative talents to capture and tell their client's love stories. In this episode, we talked about how they ended up in the wedding industry from the initial career paths they were on (Albert was in animation while helping out in the family business, and Joubert was a rising star in ABS-CBN's news team for animation) and how they were able to get and build on their client's trust. There's a great story in here about keeping commitments despite crazy storms and cancelled flights that you definitely need to hear.

Follow Project Mayo 7 on Instagram and tag them to let them know you're listening to this episode. And weddings might have gotten postponed for now, but if you're planning your special day, make sure to check them out too!

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