046: Carlos Araneta: PBA Anchor/ Podcaster

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Carlos Araneta is no doubt a familiar voice for many. Not only is he one of the fast-rising anchors of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), he is also an events host AND a podcaster as one of 3 hosts of From The Stands, a popular basketball-centric podcast. He also recently launched a brand new podcast focusing on parenting called The Dad Bud Podcast. It is indeed timely with Father's Day coming right this week!

In this episode, we go through his journey and how he transitioned from his corporate career in one of the major networks in the country to finally following his passion for sportscasting. His fast rise in sportscasting, and even in events and podcasting, is a testament to his work ethic and approach to building his brand. He talks readily about the mentors who have been essential in his growth as well as the challenges he has overcome along the way.

Follow him on IG @chuck_araneta and catch his podcasts The Dad Bud Podcast and From The Stands on all podcast players! Tag both of us to let us know you're listening to this episode. You can also post a screenshot of the episode and share on social to spread the word!

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