060: Ed Bonoan, EPSON Philippines

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What's up guys! The pod is back with a brand new episode after a short (ok, lengthy) hiatus. And this time we are joined by Ed Bonoan, the General Manager for Marketing for Epson Philippines. We had an insightful conversation about building the Epson business here in the Philippines, both in terms of marketing and operations. Whether you're a solopreneur or running a start-up or SME, there's a lot of great advice here, especially in terms of leadership and growing your team.

Listen in and get to know what it takes to manage a leading brand like Epson. To learn more about Epson, visit their website.

This episode is presented to you by Epson.

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Make the green choice now, and start experiencing Heat-Free! To learn how you can make the switch to sustainable technology, visit https://www.epson.com.ph/heat-free or get in touch with your local Epson Authorised Dealers.

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