The Weekly Mix, Vol. 761 - Need to Know

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As host of the Northwest music show, Eva Walker made this mix locals-heavy, with artists you need to know! She also sprinkled in some of her non-local favorites, both old and new. Artists include Beverly Crusher, Danny Denial, P.R.O. and more.

1. Beverly Crusher - Pills
2. Danny Denial - Everything Is Terrible
3. White Mystery - Party
4. Vanna Oh! - Chaperone
5. New Track City - Pride
6. SAULT - Free
7. BaLonely - Stories
8. Stephanie Anne Johnson and the Hidogs - American Blues
9. IDLES - Grounds
10. Mr. Dinkles - I’m off My Meds
11. Rev. Sister Mary Nelson - Judgment
12. P.R.O. - Blacky Joe
13. TxR - Michelangelo (feat. Othelle Omega the Oracle)
14. Christa Says Yay - We Like Space!

Eva Walker is the host of Audioasis, every Saturday from 6-9pm PT on, the KEXP app, or 90.3 FM in Seattle.

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