AAA Studio Eidos-Montreal Switch to 4 Day Work Week - Kinda Funny Games Daily 10.07.21

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Janet and Tim go over Eidos-Montreal making the move to a 4 day work week, Randy Pitchford stepping down as Gearbox Software President, Amazon's reaction to New World's success, and more!

Time Stamps -

00:00:00 - Start

00:05:30 - Housekeeping

  • Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Pranksy & Black Jack

The Roper Report -

00:06:55 - Guardians of the Galaxy Studio Shifts to 4 Day Work Week

00:23:15 - Randy pitchford steps down… mostly sort of.

00:30:00 - Amazon’s New CEO Flexes a Bit After New World’s Reception

00:36:35 - Ad

00:39:40 - PlayStation Top Downloads for September

00:49:50 - EA "exploring" idea of dropping FIFA name - Tom Phillips Eurogamer

00:55:33 - Out today

00:57:12 - You‘re Wrong

Tomorrow’s Hosts: Janet and Blessing

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