Is Battlefield 2042 A Make Or Break Moment For The Franchise? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 10.14.21

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Tam and Blessing talk about the impressive sales of Metroid Dread strange practices at its developer, as well as Switch OLED sales, and Battlefield's future

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00:06:52 - Housekeeping

There’s a new episode of The Blessing Show up right now. It’s ten minutes of time loop talk where Blessing goes through each of the big time loop games that have released this year and determines which one is definitively the best.

Also, In case you missed it, the first episode of The Arkham Files with Barrett premiered yesterday on The first episode is all about how Batman: Arkham Asylum is still a masterclass in design to this day. Episode 2 premieres this Monday, October 18th, and it’s all about how Arkham City truly makes you feel like Batman. AND, to celebrate Arkham City’s 10th anniversary on the 18th, Barrett and Mike are streaming the entire game all day, starting after Games Daily, right here on!

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The Roper Report -

00:10:55 - New Nintendo Switch’s Japan Debut Bodes Ill for Sales -- Takashi Mochizuki, Bloomberg

00:18:40 - Dread has already outsold nearly every Metroid game in Japan -- VGC, Andy Robinson

00:24:40 - Metroid Dread Devs Not Getting Proper Credit -- Vandal, Fran G. Matas

00:35:50 - Epic Games Invests In LeBron James' Company, Will Bring "Unique Content To The Metaverse", -- GameSpot, Eddie Makuch

00:40:00 - Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Mode Officially Revealed, And It's Not A Traditional Battle Royale -- GameSpot, Eddie Makuch

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00:53:07 - Out today

Reader mail -

00:58:20 - Where did you get those neon green joy con? - Jordan Deeb

01:02:00 - - The Nano Biologist

01:02:30 - You‘re Wrong

Tomorrow’s Hosts:Blessing and Janet

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