Color Between the Headlines

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Season 3: Color Between the Headlines -- Your favorite podcast is finally back! Spring is in the air, and our hosts have been hard at work creating new material for you all to resonate with and reflect on. Speaking of which... media overload is tooo real right now. News articles, social media posts, echo chambers, “For You” pages, content, content, content, REPEAT. But what happens to all of those headlines, the stories impacting diverse communities of color, that fall to the bottom of the digital news pile? On this third season of KSB, titled “Color Between the Headlines”, we’ll strive to elevate those stories once again, in conversation with incredible humans on the frontlines of the issues at hand. On this particular episode, join your hosts Lena, Hope, Jon, Dinah, Chase, and Daisy (supported by our new team members, Narvella, Fernanda, and Nicole) as they jump into a convo about 2020’s surge of (performative) activism, echo chambers, social media fatigue, and our own podcast’s position in the world of the media.
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This Episode’s Hosts: Lena Diasti (Executive Producer), Hope Houston (Production Manager), Jon Brooks (Social Media Coordinator), Dinah Clottey (Outreach Manager), Chase Leito (Audio Engineer), and Daisy Okoye (Content Creator).
Supporting Contributors: Narvella Sefah (Front-End Team)), Fernanda Ponce (Content Team), Nicole Maria Mateo (Audio Team)
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