Home Sweet Human Rights: Housing and Segregation

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Who are the homeless? Maybe it’s someone you know. Housing insecurity is real, pervasive, and traumatic. As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, more and more people are teetering on the edge of homelessness. But what historical factors impact where traditionally segregated groups of people choose (or are forced) to reside in the first place? What policies have made it especially difficult for Black and Brown people to own property in high-resource neighborhoods? On this Chicago-centric episode of the Kinda Sorta Brown podcast, jump in with Dinah and Daisy as they navigate the evolution of housing segregation. Then, tune in for a “Homeless 101” conversation with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless guest speakers Claudia Cabrera and Maxica Williams, the Special Projects Organizer and a passionate Speakers Bureau Advocate, respectively. Join us to find out how their fascinating heritages and unique identities as a cancer survivor, a person with a disability, Black and Latinx women, and an immigrant fuel their passion for advocacy and social work.

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