We’re Black in Business

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Let's dive into the realities of the intersection of identity inherent in being a Black woman and an entrepreneur. Join Dinah as she discusses how the broader business industry treats marginalized communities and provide real and present examples of the barriers to success faced across the board. It will touch on the Black economy and how economies of color differ from the predominant white economy as well as how people treat calls for more support of Black-owned businesses — calls that the Black Reckoning of the past year saw repeatedly. This episode features Chicago based crochet artist Chelsea Billingsley and her experience growing her business during the global pandemic. Chelsea emphasizes the importance of community and how her community in the Southside of Chicago helped shape and nurture her work. Having not seen any Black crochet artists designing clothing meant for the millennial generation, Chelsea became the first. She started her business out of passion and hopes to light a path for other Black girls and boys to follow their dreams, to stretch their imaginations to see just how far they can go. Come join the conversation and let's get Black in Business.

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