20. Positive Thinking is Powerful and Our Attitude Matters w/Paula Lamb

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Positive Thinking, Mindset Shift, Self Improvement, Positive Self Talk - all very relevant educational topics in today's day and age, and we are back with Paula Lamb the host, who shares with us a great article by James Clear the author of Atomic Habits. The article Paula shares includes research completed by Barbara Fredrickson a positive psychology researcher at the University of North Carolina. ** Paula also shares her own insight and tips to get us working on the Positive Mindset Muscle.
We are left with a ton of knowledge and information share with real-life example stories & to end it all a beautiful Hindu Proverb - "on the many ways to win" which James Clear shared in one of his newsletters.
In this episode we touch on;
📍What Negative Thoughts Do To Our Brain
📍What Positive Thoughts Do To Our Brain
📍How Positive Thinking Builds our Skills Set - we learn about the "Broaden & Build" theory
📍How to Increase Positive Thinking In Our Life - incl 3 ideas we can put into practice right away
📍Paula closes off the segment with insight into building a positive mindset, steps we can take when faced with challenges and the importance of taking note of our own conversations we have with ourselves - what language do we use for ourselves
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James Clear is the author of Atomic Habits

James Clear Article: https://jamesclear.com/positive-thinking
(Episode Reference Material)
Mission.org https://medium.com/the-mission/a-practical-hack-to-combat-negative-thoughts-in-2-minutes-or-less-cc3d1bddb3af
Angie Gira - Coaching: https://www.angiegira.com/
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