Knowledge Counts: Can you safely develop a brownfield property?

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During this episode of Knowledge Counts, Wendy and her guest, Ben Ellard will discuss various aspects of brownfield development including the challenges and benefits of cleaning, restoring and re-using previously developed land. They discuss the social and economic implications of developing space within an existing urban space or in other potentially contaminated sites. • Host: Wendy Hobbs, PQS(F) • Guests: Ben Ellard, B.Sc. • Producer: Ryan Schriml About Our Guest: Ben studied at both the University of Victoria and the University of Saskatchewan, majoring in Land Use and Environmental Studies. After receiving his B.Sc. Hons in 1998, Ben moved to Calgary to begin a professional career. In the time since, Ben has worked for UFA Cooperative Ltd. (Environmental Project Manager), for the Energy Resources Conservation Board (Environmental Specialist), and at Secure Energy Services Inc. (Senior Environment and Regulatory Planner). Ben currently teaches Civil Engineering Technology in the School of Construction at SAIT in Calgary. For complete show notes, go to

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