As Drought Worsens, Californians Failing to Conserve Water

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In July, as a response to the worsening drought, Governor Gavin Newsom asked the people of California to voluntarily reduce their water use by 15%. But so far, Californians have only reduced water consumption by less than 2 %.

Reporter: Ezra David Romero, KQED

Los Angeles County has two juvenile halls, but state officials say they’re both failing in their duties. The facilities are accused of treating the young people housed there so poorly, that within the next two months, they’ll have to either fix the way they operate, or remove juveniles from the detention centers all together.

Reporter: Tara Atrian, KCRW

With extremely high COVID-19 hospitalization rates in the Central Valley, pediatricians are warning local doctors to be on the lookout for a related condition found in children who have been exposed to the virus. Cases of Multi Inflammatory Syndrome , or MIS-C tend to increase following a rise in COVID-19 cases.

Reporter: Madi Bolanos, Valley Public Radio

Next year in Los Angeles, residents will elect a new mayor, and people are starting to announce their intentions to run. The latest is L.A. City Councilman Kevin de Leon, who announced his candidacy Tuesday.

Reporter: Libby Denkmann, KPCC

With every natural disaster and humanitarian crisis, Californians apply thumbs to phones to send money to people and organizations raising funds for those in need. Which explains the presence of a bill, on Governor Newsom's desk now, that promises to boost state oversight of charitable fundraising online.

Reporter: Rachael Myrow, KQED

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