State Imposes One Year Ban on Insurance Cancellations in Wildfire Prone Areas

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In response to California's ongoing wildfires, State Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara has issued an order requiring insurance companies with policy holders living in fire zones to keep people's policies in place and to honor insurance renewals.

Guest: Ricardo Lara, California Insurance Commissioner

The KNP Complex Fire burning in Sequoia National Park continues to threaten a grove of giant sequoias. That includes the General Sherman, considered one of the oldest and largest trees on earth.

Reporter: Soreath Hok, Valley Public Radio

Wildland firefighters accept risk when they head out to battle a blaze. But Cal Fire firefighters are getting sick, and some have even died, during training.

Reporters: Jacob Margolis, KPCC and Brian Edwards, Columbia Journalism School

The chair of the National Transportation Safety Board has told the Wall Street Journal that Tesla should address “basic safety issues” before offering its “full self-driving” package to more drivers.

Reporter: Rachael Myrow, KQED

Bay Area Assemblyman Marc Levine is launching a run for state Insurance Commissioner and he’ll be challenging a fellow Democrat. The election is next year.

Reporter: Guy Marzorati, KQED

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