California Prepares to Issue Booster Shots to More Eligible Residents

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Now that it’s received approval from the Food and Drug Administration, and been endorsed by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory panel, state health officials say they’re ready to give COVID-19 booster shots to anyone who’s eligible. Before it’s widely distributed, the efficacy of a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine still needs to be reviewed by the Western States Scientific Safety Review Workgroup.

Movie fans will soon be able to enjoy a new museum in Los Angeles that is aimed specifically for them. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opens on Septemeber 30, and will provide guests with a rich, visual history of the filmmaking industry.

Reporter: Saul Gonzalez, The California Report

During a visit to the site of KNP Complex Fire in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a $15 billion climate package. But how will the money be spent?

Reporter: Laura Klivans, KQED

The KNP Complex Fire and Windy Fire are both burning in Sequoia National Park. Fire crews are trying to protect the iconic trees there and so far, have been fairly successful.

Reporter: Sorreath Hok, Valley Public Radio

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