Let's Talk Business: Missouri Ends Participation in Federal Pandemic-Related Unemployment Insurance

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In the state of Missouri, it ended at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, June 12. Of course, I am referring to the Governor’s decision to end participation in all federal pandemic-related unemployment insurance programs. In his official press release announcing the decision, the Governor said in his discussions with business owners from across the state, they are struggling with labor shortages not because of the pandemic, but because of excessive federal unemployment programs. When the original supplement of $600 weekly ended, it was replaced by a $300 per seek supplement to Missouri’s regular unemployment benefits. This means thousands of claimants are receiving more than $600 per week. The unemployment benefit is meant to be a safety net as workers look to reenter the job market. Some believe these artificially high benefits have outlived their purpose and are keeping many from coming back into the work force. Locally, many employers have expressed frustration in trying to hire enough workers

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