Episode 22 | "Conflicting Schedules"

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Episode 22 is one of them one. Not sure the fellas have ever disagreed so much in one podcast. Buckle up as they go on to cover:
(5:40) - Presidential Debate

(12:55) - #EndSARS

(30:00) - Tory Lanez Explains His Side

(01:02:22) - Tia Mowry schedules sex with her husband

(1:22:49) - Quick Hits

  • late bloomers
  • Why men have sex with women they don’t like?

(01:41:40) - Advice Column

  • Beauty standards in a woman
  • Gratitude in relationships
  • I feed MY kid, you feed YOUR kid
  • It’s not your booty it’s your beauty
  • Should I leave my GF?

Songs of the Week:
"All Or Nothing" x J Stone x Dave East (https://music.apple.com/us/album/all-or-nothin-feat-dave-east/1533926434?i=1533926574)
"Timeless" x Benny The Butcher x Lil Wayne x Big Sean (https://music.apple.com/us/album/timeless-feat-lil-wayne-big-sean/1534527569?i=1534527570)
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