Episode 26 | "Above Average At BEST"

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After a two week hiatus and Trill AC battling COVID-19, the boys return to deliver arguably their best episode yet. In episode 26 they unpack:
(04:28) - Trill AC’s battle with COVID-19

(11:18) - Jeezy/Gucci Verzuz

(20:42) - Nate Robinson/Jake Paul

(29:29) - Kevin Samuels “Average At Best”

(40:55) - True Kitchen owner “berating” customers for twerking

(53:40) - What Type of Woman Does A Man Need to Be Successful?

(01:05:20) - Meek Mill $20 Scandal

(01:16:35) - Quick Hits

  • Ghosting = Closure
  • When did you realize your time as a young man was ending & it was time to be a grown man?
  • Housewife or Working Woman?


  • How to jump in the DMs?
  • Is leaving a bad tip a red flag?
  • Was communication was the cause of my relationship ending?
  • Which woman should I choose?
  • Can you be romantic on a $60 budget?
  • What determine our female rating system?
  • My crush won’t return my energy
  • Does a man love the woman he lies to more or the woman that tells the truth?
  • Can women be as promiscuous as men?

Songs of the Week:
"Bebe King Freestyle" x Lil Wayne x Drake (https://music.apple.com/us/album/b-b-king-freestyle-feat-drake/1542696192?i=1542696194)
"Free Mind" x Tems (https://music.apple.com/us/album/free-mind/1532252592?i=1532252603)
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