Episode 27 | "Where Is The Accountability?"

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The fellas return this week to discuss some important aspects of the culture:
(03:35) - Akademiks/Meek/DJ Vlad/Casanova

(23:39) - Aye Verb says “when a woman is valuable to a man, he gone act crazy”

(35:43) - Quick Hits

  • How to tell when a man loves you without him saying it
  • What makes a man feel desired?
  • One piece of game you gone take into your next relationship?

(54:57) Advice Column

  • The importance of social skills and charisma. How to develop?
  • Is going through phones a red flag?
  • Taking care of a man financially?
  • Blended Family Issues
  • A woman who’s well off financially and boring or a hoe with potential?
  • Why men don’t compliment women as much after getting them?

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