Episode 30 | "10 Years A Simp"

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30 episodes in and the fellas have no interest in toning it down. The docket this week includes:
(5:40) - Takeaways from 2020/2021 Expectations

(22:01) - Stimulus Checks

(28:11) - Dopest TV Shows

Quick Hits

(32:50) - Are men ever truly single?

(42:50) - Masika makes man wait 10 years to date him and they’re now engaged

(50:28) - Should women propose to their man?

(57:53) - Should the relationship continue after a failed proposal?

(01:01:15) - Should you live with them before marriage?

Advice Column

(01:11:27) - At what point did you know you wanted to propose to your woman?

(01:15:24) - How to dive in DMs?

(01:22:47) - Would you give one of your sons your wife’s last name to keep her legacy going?

(01:26:30) - My number isn’t saved in his phone after a month.. Red flag?

(01:33:04) - He doesn’t appreciate me and I accepted a date with another man

(01:39:55) - What does making more money come with, dealing with women?

(01:48:33) - Is it a red flag when someone won’t discuss their past relationships in detail?

(01:52:50) - The art of manipulation (Sleezball Advice)
Songs of the Week:
"Groove With You" x The Isley Brothers (https://music.apple.com/us/album/groove-with-you/198017385?i=198018780)
"For The Love of You" x The Isley Brothers (https://music.apple.com/us/album/for-the-love-of-you-pts-1-2/169740221?i=169741218)
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