Episode 35 | "Body Negativity"

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Episode 35 has arrived in typical Krew Season fashion.. All over the place but right in pocket at the same time.. Topics discussed include:
(05:54) - Super Bowl Picks

(10:20) - Sauce Walka & Uzi Vert gets diamonds embedded in their face.. 21 Savage/Sauce Walka almost beef

(15:50) - DaBaby’s homie calls Meg ugly

(18:48) - Chloe Bailey faces backlash for showing her body off

(27:52) - Shooting in PA over snow goes viral

(37:53) - The thought process behind gang/gun violence

Quick Hits

(01:06:27) - Would you rather be loved or feared?

(01:18:42) - Is some level of toxicity necessary in a relationship?

(01:32:00) - Is not having a “type” a red flag?

Advice Column

(01:38:40) - How to navigate the politics at your job.

(02:01:04) - My man cheated and I offered him the chance to bring another woman into our relationship. He rejected it. Why?

(02:06:08) - My best friend fell in love with a model, but she curved him. Advice on how to get her?

(02:12:51) - “Dude, you’re like a cousin to me”

(02:16:10) - My girl broke up with me but wants me as a friend. Advice?

(02:28:18) - He left me and moved in with a woman 45 days later. How?
Songs of the Week:
"H-Town" x Propain x Sauce Walka (https://music.apple.com/us/album/h-town-feat-sauce-walka/1550149617?i=1550149813)
"This Side" x Vory (https://music.apple.com/us/album/this-side-feat-landstrip-chip/1541955315?i=1541955333)
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