Episode 44 | "Loud & Wrong"

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Right before their trip to Dallas, the fellas lock in for the 44th installment of the pod to discuss:
(08:23) - Brandon Marshall “Loud & Wrong”
(26:36) - “Black men have never settled with one woman”

(35:15) - White man speaks on losing everything in a divorce

(44:34) - Kodak Black theatened by Southside

Quick Hits

(50:33) - Why do the people you want the least give the most effort?

(57:35) - What’s the best piece of relationship advice you got growing up?

Advice Column

(01:01:56) - What happens when black men are forced to date outside their race because black women don’t want them?

(01:07:30) - What are some mistakes made in your teenage years dating? How to pull women at that age?

(01:17:24) - What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done?

(01:19:40) - How can I shoot my shot more accurately?

(01:23:14) - I’m about to get a big check but I don’t want to blow it. How should I move correctly?

(01:26:13) - How to handle outside forces influencing your relationship?

(01:30:26) - I want to be reimbursed for the dating money I spent on her.

(01:38:47) - My girl wants to eat my ass but I’m not going.. Help!

Songs of the Week:

“Murkin Season” x B-Lean (https://music.apple.com/us/album/murkin-season/1554840197?i=1554841300)

“Out The Roof” x Only The Family (https://music.apple.com/us/album/out-the-roof/1556167618?i=1556167853)
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