Episode 49 | "Goated"

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The fellas return minus Kenny T to breakdown a loaded docket including:
(05:15) - New Music & Drama (J. Cole, Nicki, etc)

(18:53) - Kobe inducted to the HOF. All-Time ranking?

(32:50) - Joe Budden Podcast Fallout

(01:00:30) - DJ Envy attacks Kevin Samuels

Quick Hits

(01:09:00) - One trait you want to pass down to your kids

(01:12:15) - Where did you fall short as a man in your last relationship?

(01:21:24) - What is the endgame of this podcast?

Advice Column

(01:27:30) - Are 10 bodies on a man weighed the same as 10 bodies on a woman?

(01:32:22) - I’m dealing with two woman and I’m not sure who to choose... HELP!

(01:38:39) - What can somebody do to make them immediately unattractive to you?

(01:40:17) - I’m not getting enough sex and want a divorce!

(01:50:41) - I like her but we haven’t had sex in 2 years... HELP!
Songs of the Week
"My Life" x J. Cole x 21 Savage (https://music.apple.com/us/album/m-y-l-i-f-e/1567421945?i=1567422340)
"Seeing Green" x Nicki Minaj x Lil Wayne x Drake (https://music.apple.com/us/album/seeing-green/1567455268?i=1567455269)
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