Episode 53 | "Broken Promises"

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The fellas return in full force to deliver on a packed docket:
(04:14) - Twitter flyout gone wrong

(12:54) - Kevin Samuels roasts woman for poor decision making

(23:40) - “Dress how you want to be addressed”

(35:26) - “My wife was my side chick at one point”

Quick Hits

(57:25) - “Cater 2 U” sounds like slavery to women

(58:59) - If you ask a woman what she brings to the table, and she makes her education and job… Is that a red flag?

(01:13:09) - Is putting your kids in a private white school important, as a black man?

Advice Column

(01:26:11) - If the bonus dad is paying everything for the kid, should the real dad have to pay HIM child support instead of the mom?

(01:27:36) - What advice would you give your daughter about the dating world?

(01:32:15) - When your trying to get your girl back and she ain’t goin, when is enough enough?

(01:42:49) - Advice on dating multiple people? How honest should I be with the guys I’m dating?

(01:47:39) - A woman I was having sex with got pregnant and I reached out to get a test, she hasn’t responded… HELP?

(01:51:10) - Woman who make more money have more access to high value men, can men accept cheating in that scenario?

(01:56:58) - I have serious past trauma but I’m not sure when I should reveal it to my man
Songs of the Week:

"6am in Sausalito" x Larry June (https://music.apple.com/us/album/6am-in-sausalito/1570353527?i=1570353536)
"Intercepted" x Larry June x Money Man (https://music.apple.com/us/album/intercepted-feat-money-man/1570353527?i=1570353544)
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