Episode 55 | "Technicality"

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(06:04) - Bill Cosby’s conviction was overturned

(19:10) - Wendy Williams vs Tabitha Brown

(35:29) - Woman finesses baller for $1 million in jewelry

(43:53) - Sha’Carri Richardson suspended for 30 days

(50:47) - Transgender women participating in sports with naturally-born women

(01:05:00) - Turkey Leg Hut dress code

Quick Hits

(01:13:32) - Were you taught to be a husband?

(01:22:30 - Where were you taught to be a leader? What is your leadership style?

Advice Column

(01:34:58) - Why are women so pressed for a man to get their name tatted on him?

(01:37:11) - In your precious or current relationship, did you feel comfortable being vulnerable?

(01:44:56) - Can the woman get a hall pass if her sex drive is higher than her man’s?

(01:53:45) - Do women hate to see other women in love? Why women don’t like simps being coached to be alpha? Would changing the contract of marriage make men want it more?
Songs of the Week
"Wasting Time" x Drake x Brent Faiyaz (https://music.apple.com/us/album/wasting-time-feat-drake/1571206077?i=1571206078)
"Flamerz Flow" x Meek Mill (https://music.apple.com/us/album/flamerz-flow/1570508455?i=1570508456)
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